Rah! Rah! Ramen.

Rah! Rah! Ramen

Rah! Rah! Ramen by Sara Childs. Fast, Easy, Cheap, Good and Healthy microwave cooking for students and lovers of ramen. With a few simple ingredients, a few minutes and a microwave, meals, including dessert, are ready to eat. A valuable alternative to student “fast food,” cheaper and healthier too! 53 recipes, kitchen-tested and photographed with easy to follow instructions. Perfect for the starving student or just a fast meal. Ramen is inexpensive and using a microwave oven is faster than standing in line to order a fast food burger. Ramen has almost half the calories of a popular fast food chicken sandwich, less than a third of the calories of a reuben sandwich and has less than a quarter of the fat and a third of the calories of deep fried xcrispy chicken tenders. It’s high in carbohydrates and if you use the flavor packet, fat and sodium. BUT… the up side is, ramen has fewer calories than many fast foods. But ramen noodles can be more than a super fast microwavable carbohydrate meal. If you discard the flavor packet, add a can of stewed tomatoes, some Italian herbs, powdered garlic and dried onion flakes you’ve created Ramen Marinara in 5 to 7 minutes or try Ramen in Red Clam Sauce, the prep and cooking time is 7 to 10 minutes. Ramen is one of the cheapest foods in the supermarket and with imagination can be a versatile staple in your college cuisine. RAH! RAH! RAMEN recipes will add flavor and variety for a super fast, super-cheap, super-good meal. All photos were taken with an iPhone.

Manhattan Walkabout

Manhattan Walkabout, by Gene Tepper It was a time of great danger. The Merchant Marine in World War II was responsible for transporting supplies and personnel to Allied forces around the world. The Merchant Marine had the highest casualty rate of any service. Set against this looming reality are five coming-of-age stories as author, artist and designer Gene Tepper recalls his days as a young Merchant Marine Cadet and Deck Officer. They include evocative tales of the art world in New York and New Orleans, wartime in Italy and the Middle East. First hand descriptions of life at sea: Training on an old-line sailing vessel, a grim departure among massed convoys in New York Harbor, unexpected fun on a Suez canal passage and at war’s end his ship’s exuberant arrival in San Francisco.

M. Halberstadt Family Trust

The Joys of 80

The Illustrated Cookie

The Illustrated Cookie 96 pages Publisher: Macmillan General Reference (December 1994)

White Book